Sep 18, 2013

Spotted: Photos from Buenos Aries - The first 48

It was about this time, 70 days into my Eurotrip that I finally got a camera. I was partly inspired after traveling with an Argentinian in Caracas. He was happy to take his camera out whenever it suited him. Capturing dogs frolicking, chicos playing sports and guapas skateboarding. I liked how he took the types of photos I enjoyed taking - People shots.

I figured in South America it was too dangerous to brandish around a camera so it was further excuse not to bother with photos. I'm accustomed to being without a camera, content with other people's photos and living in the moment... pero bueno, ¿por quĂ© no?
I've titled this "Lost old man looking to dance"
Glorious day
Nothing to see here

Dog in front of shop
Boy in front of shop
Punk rock Tango
Skate rock
Please Sir, never look up
Steert. Art
Mucho Colores

The Camera Games Collection
Spy VS Spy in Portugal
- Day 177: My second camera's 100 Day anniversary
- The Corner collection in Spain

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