Mar 9, 2014

The streets of Bogotá, Colombia in pictures (December 2013)

Bogotá, Colombia was the last destination for my 6 month South America jaunt. I spent 5 nights in the Capital during the Christmas period, hooping in the courts of La Candelaria on Christmas Day. Most of my days were spent walking the long streets, watching the locals at leisure as they rode on wheels and walked their dogs. The season brought the streets to life at night as vendors traded wares and treats like Canelazo (Cinnamon Hot Drink).
Colombian Paratrooper
Work in progress
Tiny Dancer
Reservoir Nuns
Sled Dogs
Fashion shoot wardrobe change
Purple Reign
Ride. Sleep. Dance.
The hood
Christmas Elf
Ribbons, Mirror balls, juggling, Slackline. Cielo!
General Awesomeness
Casey Jones
"Ancient spirits of evil..."
We rollin'
Street life
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