Jan 3, 2011

Play Hard. Work Hard

Knowing I'd be traveling this year, I knew I had to limit any regret that I could've worked harder and earned more money before I left. The feeling of "I could've done more" would undoubtedly haunt me on my trip as I slept on the streets and graveyards due to lack of funds.

I should have no regrets now.

I rang in the New Year working 7 days straight spanning 3 Public Holidays. With a stretch of 11 hours and 2x 14hr shifts to go with the standard 8hrs (8pm - 4am). I had hoped to experience the High Rollers 'Sovereign Room', dealing commission Baccarat before I resigned . I was able to achieve this during one of the mornings on OT.

I Love it when a plan comes together.

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