Jan 12, 2011

Home Reads: 'Carnet De Voyage' by Craig Thompson

Almost 10 years ago when I was hospitalised for days with pneumonia, an amazing family friend lent me two graphic novels by Craig Thompson - Blankets and Carnet De Voyage.

Both were astoundingly inspirational. The latter hopefully being a template for my journeys. Carnet De Voyage ('travel journal' in French) was a travelogue Craig Thompson illustrated whilst on the book tour for his award-winning 'Blankets'. Craig illustrated the interactions he had with strangers and friends on his journey through France, Barcelona, the Alps and Morocco.

To view Thompson's awe-inspiring process go here:
Constructing Carnet
2) Portraits and landscapes and full-page illustrations were drawn on location. Again, no photo reference.

In the case, of bustling street scenes, I would just start drawing from a point of interest — if I saw someone in the crowds striking the proper pose, I’d dash to that portion of the page and fill it in. There was a lot of this dancing about the page — a donkey cart would roll past and I would struggle to get it down as quickly as possible. Once out of view, I’d complete it from memory. And these drawings could take hours to complete – standing in the most uncomfortable positions getting sun-burnt and harassed and nearly run over by motor bikes.
I would draw things “in real time” and leave empty space on the page for journaling text.

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