Jun 24, 2014

World Cup inspired Photo Triggers: Europe 2011 and South America 2013

It's a fortnight into the World Cup and half of the Group stages have already been decided. Admittedly I'm not a big Football fan (the Basketball World Cup will be my International Sporting highlight for 2014) but no other event brings as much International festivity as the FIFA World Cup every 4 years.

During the last World Cup in 2010, Sydney erected a large TV Screen that emerged from the Darling Harbour wharf. After nightshift finished, I'd brave the cold and watch a 5am Football match flanked by International supporters. After my first Live site match I remember thinking "I didn't know we had that many Mexicans and French in Sydney". This wouldn't be the last time I'd be impressed by the foreign representation in Sydney as International students, expats and travelers emerged to support their National Teams. I watched the World Cup Final between Holland and Spain after reuniting with a Dutch friend I made in Adelaide at her hostel. This predated my first international backpacking adventure and the German connections I made that night kicked off the type of networks that would serve me well in my 2011 EuroTrip. Those friendships also made my 2010 memorable as I developed a solid running mates for my 'Yes Man' year in Sydney.

July 12, 2010. World Cup Final at the Darling Harbour Fan Fest
via Dutch running mate MK
Since that last World Cup I traveled Europe for 13 months and South America for 6. During this Month of Football, the sight of flags and languages that remind me of those awesome experiences is heartening. A lot of my favorites for the World Cup are due to the positive associations with certain Countries. Of course I also got some tips during my recent South America trip about the best bets for the Mundial de Futbol.

Below are a selection of Trigger photos of the memorable times and friends made at Countries represented in the 2014 FIFA World Cup:
Portugal (May 2011)
Portugal: eat, pray, LOVE - Portugal sure is warm!
England (August 2011)
Trigger: Egotripping II - England, on the road again
Netherlands (August 2011)
Trigger: Crazy Times in Holland, Day 185 - Day 195
Argentina (August 2013)
Spotted: Photos from Buenos Aries - The first 48
Ecuador (November 2013)
Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts in South America
Spain (April 2011)
Spotted: Photos from Sevilla and Córdoba - The first 48
Colombia (December 2013)
The streets of Bogotá, Colombia in pictures
Australia (October 2012)
Being a kid again: Cave Clanning in La Perouse, Sydney
Germany (December 2011)
Limerence: Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing, Christmas and Love
Brazil (December 2013)
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Open House, Porto Alegre
In case you're wondering here are my World Cup Tips:
- I always bet for Team USA and against England. It's worked a treat the last 3 World Cups.
- Chilombuay! I had Uruguay beating Brazil whenever they faced. As it shakes out I feel Chile might have the honors. Colombia has been the most fun whilst Uruguay has been gutsy, Colombia should move on.
- Netherlands and Germany are the obvious European representatives to go deep.
- Colombia, Netherlands at the end on the  wish of a goalfest Final 

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