Jan 8, 2014

South America Post Compilation

Activity on the 'Loz in Translation' blog has been minimal which is unfortunate as I value my output when I travel. I consider it the mark of a good journey when my travels lead to memorable moments that also pave the way for great art and stories. The 'Memento Year exhibition' and my 'Quotes Collection' come to mind in this regard.

That said, whilst in South America I was generating content for my other Interest blogs: '30 Home Games' (Basketball) and 'Let's Get Real podcast' (Reality) . Find a selection of posts below:

30 Home Games

My time in Caracas, Venezuela for FIBA Americas 2013
Photo credit: Brian I
Streetball with locals around South America: Christmas Day in Bogota, Colombia
Let's Get Real podcast
Technology VS Human instinct: From Inuits in Northern Canada to Jungle Guides in the Amazon
'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty': Ben Stiller on hyperreality and losing yourself in the moment
Being truly free [with the help of Robots?]: 'Whatever You Wish' by Isaac Asimov

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