Aug 14, 2013

A question answered with a quote: Argentina edition

Argentina has been great as far as improving my Spanish goes. I don't know if my confidence has grown or I've just been luckier with the connections. I've spent whole days with people who've spoken less English than I know Spanish, all you really need is a patient ear.

I've found it helpful to be around confident Spanish speakers who aren't native to the language. They speak slower and talk in a rhythm that mimics how you think. For the most part the travelers I've met during this low season have come to South America to improve their Spanish, usually French. I haven't met too many people who are winging the language. The majority of travelers you find in South America are regional, the language barrier often remains but they're more willing to connect being on the road.

My goal of finding more Spanish quotes is coming together. With that I present to you the Argentinian edition of 'A question answered with a quote'.
If you lose, don't lose the lesson
We're all just DNA and memories
The one thing you can't pay for is curiosity
¿dónde está el perro (Espanol: Where's the dog?)
Derived from "A boire ou je tue le chien" (French: A drink now or I kill the dog)
"Que pais?" (Espanol: What a country?)
Used for any WTF cultural difference
"Chicken with a hand"
Derived from expression "La mujer, el pollo y el marrano se comen con la mano"
(Espanol: Women, chicken and pigs are eaten with hands)
Learning the language is just like Basketball. People worry too much about missing shots
or getting blocked but you'll only learn by being out there.
I didn't need much Spanish with locals,
people bended their mouths to speak with me
sólo sentirlo. luego actuar
(Espanol: Just feel it. Then act)
Selective ignorance is bliss
If you start it [you don't have to wait]
"Today is life. Tomorrow never comes"
The life we see through Tourism is a performance but funnily we get what we want.
- I'm lost but I'm happy
- We're from a small town, there's nothing to do. But we have friends and that's all that matters
Hacese la rata (to skip school)
Espanol: I made myself the rat
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