Jul 7, 2013

Road Music: Songs to be happy to (First Impressions of South America)

Just like in my European Adventure I'll be compiling my trigger songs for South America
'Alturas de Macchu Picchu (Completo)' by Los Jaivas  

This epic number was playing in a Beatles inspired bar in Santa Isabel called 'Pepperland'. I was drawn in by the "Yellow Submarine" style art from the outside, so our merry band came in for pizza and cerveza. The walls were wheatpasted with street press and the bar played music videos from the Chilli Peppers to George Harrison. They introduced us to a few Latin American songs including this Pink Floyd-eqsue production by Chilean band Los Jaivas.

'Latinoamérica' by Calle 13

This song was introduced to me by a German running mate in my first South American hostel. It was recommended to him as one of the most popular bands in Argentina. It appealed to him as it contained a montage of the things he had experienced on his 8 month journey, when he first heard it he didn't understand the Spanish lyrics but now he did. He advised not to refer to the song again till the end of my trip, "not even in the middle". I thought the same. I did hear the song the following day.

After moving hostels to a posher barrio, I stumbled onto a Universidad that had been occupied by activists. They were hosting a festival with dancing and music. The place boarded up by school chairs, tagged with graffiti and adorned in Banners. Even the murals were appropriated, one was painted with shamans and an ayahuasca vine. Another with a kid student kicking her teacher in the nuts. I was later told that many Academic institutions had been occupied for months, with classes suspended or continued online as students made their point during this crucial Election year. This Calle 13 joint blared from the Stereo at one point.

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