Apr 11, 2013

Coolspotting in Melbourne: "Melbournelandia" vegan eats, punk rock and comedy

During my year abroad having the time of my life I often wondered "Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?" I tend to believe so. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to repeat myself. I prefer variety. Perhaps its why I'm drawn to ego-tripping, I even tire of my own passions and am curious to explore other personas.

I enjoy adapting into situations temporarily, curious to see how it fits. I recently returned from a 6 day roadtrip to Melbourne to indulge in the International Comedy Festival. The drawcard, seeing comedian Pete Holmes who I've referenced several times on this blog. I traveled with a good punk rock friend, him being a vegan I decided I'd also be vegan for the duration of the trip. It was an easily managed feat as Melbourne is well served with plant-based options.

For those who've never been to Australia, Sydney is largely known for its landmarks and beaches whilst Melbourne is known for its culture and arts. Sydney, the blonde beach babe. Melbourne, the indie kid. Both have their appeals but I tend to gravitate towards Melbourne in personality despite living in Sydney. Melbourne is dotted with interesting art, trendy stores and progressive businesses. It's essentially Australia's own 'Portlandia'. A place where the niche is mainstream, where subcultures are fostered - an alternative utopia.

VIDEO: Portlandia -  Is it local?

As for the comedy, it was great but also instructive. I watch a lot of comedy as it is back home in Sydney. Roughly 5 shows a month, its a cheap and enjoyable source of entertainment for a shiftworker like myself. Coupled with my diet of podcasts, I'm used to a lot of comedy. That said, in a festival environment you're really binge eating and as I found out on the last night you can hit a wall where you become numb to even your favourite thing. You start comparing the acts unfairly, frighteningly the novelty erodes . Its something I have to be mindful of for my 30HomeGames mission, lest I suck the love out of my other passions. Variety is key :)

Below is a catalogue of the food eaten and the comedy sampled:

Sea Shepherd in Port, Williamstown Melbourne
Sea Shepherd Free Ship Tours: SSS Steve Irwin, SSS Sam Simon, SSS Bob Barker

Vegan Eats
- Fekerte's Ethiopian Cuisine (Canberra)
- Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe (Canberra)
Trippy Taco (Fitzroy)
Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop (Ascot Vale)
Lord of the Fries (Melbourne city)
Soulfood CafĂ© (Fitzroy)
Las Vegan Cafe (Fitzroy)
Gasometer (Collingwood)
Al Albero (Fitzroy North)

Comedy (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013)
Dave Bloustein: Grand Guignol
Headliners - Pete Holmes, Michael Che, Eddie Pepitone and James Adomian, Brendon Walsh, Jessica Kirson
The Little Dum Dum Club live - Tom Gleeson, Luke McGregor, Nick Cody,
Set List: Stand-up without a net - Lindsay Webb, DeAnne Smith, Simon Munnery, Asher Treleaven, The Pajama Men
Luke McGregor: My Soulmate is out of my League
Blake Mitchell: Play Date

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What do you enjoy about Melbourne? Were you at any of these events?

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