Aug 4, 2012

Camp Geres, near the border of Portugal and Spain

I spent my month in Porto, Portugal with warmhearted Brasilian Erasmus students. I had been invited to stay after connecting with a few of them in Valencia months previous. I hadn't intended to stay for as long as I did but my wallet was pickpocketed during my transit to their Train stop at Casa De Musica. I was met with nothing but love and generosity and was instantly welcomed into their Familia Feliz (happy family).

An excursion to Camp Geres, Portugal's only natural park was organised by Bruno 3 weeks into my stay. We lovingly referred to him as "Macgyver" for his resourcefulness. That said as most of the crew were from Brazil's south (Rio Grande do Sul) they were no stranger to the outdoors.

From Porto its a roughly 2hr train ride to Braga which is as far North as it goes, then a scenic 1hr Bus ride to the Parque. There is an Information Centre onsite but our Macgyver had printed of his own terrain maps so we were in capable hands. His steady orienteering guided us to some breathtaking views and spectacular waterfalls and assured us when we went off course.

We cooked beans for dinner, went down some hairy inclines, danced under waterfalls and sang in the rain. On the final day we made the 15km hike to the Fronteira of Spain, on the border of Galicia. The pouring rain made us cut our excursion short from 4 days to 3, we met a tripped out Portugese Gandalf who lived in the park which capped off our memorable time.

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Where have you gone camping whilst traveling?


  1. Great photos and amazingly beautiful views of the nature are provided in this post. It goes without saying that Camp Geres is a place that every traveler must visit and see.

    1. Camp Geres was fun but my experience was definitely informed by the company I was with. I think the pictures I chose reflected that. The waterfalls were definitely a highlight

  2. Wow! This area looks very scenic. I love the shots with the waterfalls :)

  3. Scenic indeed. The waterfalls were spectacular but you'd want to be there during the warmer season as it would be shame not take a dip. Clothing optional as the guy pictures attests to.

  4. I didn't even know that there is a hidden beauty at Camp Geres. I am looking forward to go to that place and do camping with my friends!

    1. Really was a lot of fun. So many waterfalls to explore, hope the weather's nice for you.