Jul 11, 2012

Lomography in Köln, Germany

Lomo photos featured in my 'Memento Year' exhibition
Are you looking for something new to try? Interested in spicing up your sightseeing? Why not give Lomography a shot.

Lomography is lo-fi photography based out of Austria supported by a community of enthusiasts around the world. I found LOMO posters around the art district in Porto and shopfronts in Germany. 

I signed up for an introductory lesson from the LOMO store by Ehrenstraße then created a Couchsurfing event inviting people to join. I encouraged my current and previous CS host as well as a German friend I'd unexpectedly reconnected with to take the workshop and walking tour. It was a novel way of seeing the city, spend time with friends whilst making new ones along the way.

Chillin at Die Wohngemeinschaft (Share House) Bar
Afterwards we enjoyed gourmet burgers at Hans im Glück and cool drinks at Die Wohngemeinschaft. We were invited to a CSer's loft for a modern German Christmas experience. We baked customised apples, internet-streamed Christmas songs and sampled the imported winning Christmas cake from our host's Bavarian hometown. One of the many memorable days I had in Cologne, Germany.

This was the camera loaned to me for the LOMO tour.
Not a high end one but more than makes up for it in Style points.

Learn about Lomography here
- LOMO:  The 10 Golden Rules
- LOMO: Frequently Answered Questions
- Cologne: Lomography Gallery Store

Are you a Lomographer? Do you LOMO whilst traveling?


  1. Your photos turned out great! I'm still trying to figure out my Lomo, I'm usually disappointed with my results - especially if I use the red/pink flash filters, yikes!

  2. Haha. You just have to convince yourself it turned out great. Some distance and third party glamour does wonders, I remember being super underwhelmed when I first developed them.