Jun 13, 2012

Coolspotting in Sydney: Comedy, Art, Festivals and Galleries

On my travels I made note of cultural events and spots that took my fancy. It was fun finding things that reflected my interests in distant lands, discovering them connected me closer to the people and allowed me to envisage what it might be like if I had grown up in this other playground. Since returning Home to beautiful Sydney I've endeavoured to maintain my traveler/YesMan spirit, staying active and exploring as much as possible.

In the four months since my return I've been to several Festivals and Opening nights, revisiting my former haunts in Comedy and Art. Several of these I attended with my CouchSurfing running mates. Below are a selection of photos from 'Markolf Zimmer', my artist friend from Germany. We share a similar curiosity of people and thirst for knowledge, I urge you to follow his blog.

The following are links to awesome Cultural Events in Sydney, in brackets are the shows I checked out.

Vivid Sydney (Karen O's Pyscho Opera)
- The Finders Keepers: Art Markets
Sydney Writers' Festival (Chaser's Empty Vessel)
- Sydney Film Festival (Moonrise Kingdom)
- Sydney Comedy Festival (Daniel Kitson: Where once was Wonder)

- Full Body Contact No Love Tennis @The Roxbury (Improv)
- Project 52 @Hermann's Bar (Alt Room)
- 'Mic in Hand' @Friend in Hand (Stand Up)
- The Comedy Lounge @Cafe Lounge (Stand Up)

"I was there" via Markolf Zimmer's Blog

'Hyper Reality Dimension XX' @aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo   
'Make great together' @aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo
Abandoned Warehouse @Green Square
Vivid Sydney - Festival of Light, Music & Ideas @Circular Quay
'Project 5' Sydney Streetart Festival @The Rocks
The Kids are Alright
- Coolspotting in Frankfurt and Barcelona
- Coolspotting: Subculture in the South of Spain
- Coolspotting in Netherlands
- Coolspotting in Netherlands Pt II
- Coolspotting: Nerding out in England - Comics, CosPlay, Video Games and Wrestling
- Coolspotting in Berlin
- Coolspotting in Istanbul
- Coolspotting in Sydney

What do you enjoy about Sydney? Were you at any of these events?


  1. I hope to visit Australia sometime in near future. For now I've enjoyed pictures in the post, especially the lit-up, pear-like structure. It seems that Sydney, like my city Chicago, is big on all sorts of festival. Always a good thing. :)

  2. Festivals and cultural events are a big part of what I enjoy. Its what I enjoy about City travel. Sydney has the best of both worlds, offering nature and beaches as well. Some will challenge whether Sydney offers the best culture but its certainly the most well rounded.