May 5, 2012

Spotted: The 'Fat Boy Slim' Double Decker bus in Lisboa, Portugal

Soundtrack to "Rollin in the streets" 
'Right here Right now' by Fatboy Slim 

On top of the World
Waving to the kids of Lisboa
Portugese Students pause their hazing to wave
Headin' into the water
Rollin' down Avenida da Liberdade
Mr Speaker
Spotted in Lisboa, Portugal. 3pm, Quinta. 12 Maio 2011
You'll find Open Top Double Decker buses at most of the world's popular tourist destinations. In Lisboa, Portugal it comes particular handy for the tourist traffic from the Cruise ships that dock near Alfama. Its an option that appeals to travelers who are in town briefly and want a quick overview of the city.

Personally its not how I choose to travel but I understand its appeal. On a casual Friday chilling at Parque Eduardo VII with a fellow traveler from Madison, Wisconsin. We spotted a promo bus advertising the upcoming Semana Académica (Student week) party headlined by Fatboy Slim. We humbly invited ourselves on the bus and they welcomed us aboard. It was a punk rock way to see one of my favorite cities.

Have you ever gotten a free ride? Where was it?

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