Mar 29, 2012

Spotted: Super Mario in Lisboa, Portugal

Soundtrack to 'Mario Art'
The Super Mario Bros Super Show Title Theme

Spotted in Lisboa, Portugal. 2pm, Segunda. 16 Maio 2011.
I stumbled onto Maria as she was putting up this legal piece at Chiado, right by the Metro stop. I visited her periodically over 3 days, helping out and generally being a nuisance. She directed me to a group exhibition she was a part of down the road which I checked out.
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 Does anyone know if this piece is still there?


  1. This is awesome!!! Street art in Lisbon is great everywhere, but this is so perfect. I hope it's still there next time we go back - I want to try to warp! :-)

  2. Ah the Warp! Interesting premise, where would the "underground" lead to though? I know you gals have Lisboa up there on your favorites list so you'd have a few gems -
    I went to a punk rock show and a supper Club, I nominate them. Cue Mario Bros underground theme song.