May 10, 2011

Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (3 of 3)

The best way I've come across inadvertent awesomeness has been attending cultural events. Venues for gallery openings, film festivals and rock shows are usually found in hip, scenic parts of town. These might be in barrios or back streets that might otherwise be overlooked.

Cruising altitude

Whilst doing venue reconnaissance for a a hardcore show I stumbled on a nice overlook, this same area housed the Castelo Sao Jorge so that was a day well spent. Whilst admiring the view in a private nook near the castle I had a pleasant encounter. Using basic deduction and reconsulting my flyer I confirmed that the 3 cool kids who joined me were Swedish hardcore band 'Guilty'. We chilled, told stories then reconnected at the show. If all goes well hopefully it will continue in Sweden.

Rocking up

Rocking out

Portugal has been amazing. As the hostel energy has been relatively low my experience hasn't been incredibly social but definitely eventful. Its simply been a matter of putting oneself in good position.

Keepin' the faith

"It's all about Steez" - Word, Lisbon.

Other cool "go with the flow" stories (big and small) in Portugal:
- I randomly bumped into and hung with a Sydney comedian I know in Bairro Alto, pequeno mundo! He told me that the entire scene is migrating to Europe. Bummer for Sydney. (Update: Caught up with a few of them at the Edinburgh Fringe)
- I spotted this and went on top of that
- I read about 'Underground restaurants' in some street press, my roomate in Sintra mentioned she just had an encounter with a local who took her to one. That's my next mission. (Update: Accomplished!)
- Whilst looking for places to eat before a gig, some tourists asked for my help looking for a recommended restaurant in a guide book. Was clueless at the time but found it myself minutes later. Good find, they never did join me. I think they might have given up.
- Two great international exhibition finds 'The World Press Cartoon' in Sintra and 'The World Press Photo' in Belem.
- Hung out with German filmakers after a screening at IndieLisboa

- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (1 of 3)
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (2 of 3)
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (3 of 3)

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