May 28, 2011

Trigger: Ego Tripping in Portugal - Sintra, Obidos, Ericeria, Coimbra

Soundtrack for the Portugese road, North from Lisboa
- 'Road Trippin' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

roadtrip, van, lisboawith two brand new allies

van, pack, lisboaFully loaded

dinner, night, sintra, san martinhowe got snacks

pack, night, foodand supplies

va, road, windmill, roadsignIt's time to leave this town

policia, police carIt's time to steal away

cooking, sintraLet's go get lost

park, hang, cerveja, burgerAnywhere from the U.S.A.

square, activist, coimbraLet's go get lost

ericeira, van, night, beachLet's go get lost

coimbra, bonita, sitBlue you sit so pretty

sintra, abandoned, gardenWest of the one

cooking, obidos, lookoutSparkle light with yellow icing

Just a mirror for the sun

beach, sand, ericeria, bodysurfJust a mirror for the sun

sintra, party, hostelJust a mirror for the sun

sun, obidos, cameraThese Smiling eyes are just a mirror for

ericeira, houseSo much has come before

coimbra, sit, morningthose battles lost and won

prazer de viver bemThis life is shining more forever in the sun

activist, sleep, coimbraNow let us check our heads

kite surfing, beachAnd let us check the surf

ericeira, beach, nightStaying high and dry's

van, moonMore trouble than it's worth

sleep, sintraIn the sun

Just a mirror for the sun

obidos, dinner, cookJust a mirror for the sun

camera, sunThese Smiling eyes are just a mirror for

coimbra, partyIn Coimbra we took some time to linger on

We three hunky dories

portugal, animal cruelty, marketsgot our snakefinger on

obidos, dinner, jantar, portNow let us drink the stars

activist, coimbra, squareIt's time to steal away

ericeira, beach, sleepLet's go get lost

sintra, squatRight here from the U.S.A

Road tripping north with Todd (USA) and Kah (NZ) beginning at Lisboa. We hit Sintra, Obidos, Ericeira, Peniche, Mafra, Leiria and Coimbra. Unfortunately some valuables were stolen from our van which means a return to Lisboa to vist the Australian Embassy. 'O mundo gira'.

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