Oct 30, 2011

Other people's stories - Tales of: Love

Welcome to my second installment of 'Other People's Stories'. Whilst I might not always be creating interesting experiences, I've had the benefit of meeting people with fascinating stories. In this edition I will be presenting stories of 'Love'.

'Love' is personal, complicated and inspiring, the foundation for some of the world's greatest stories and art. Personally when it comes to affairs of the heart I try to remain as neutral as possible when dealing with other people's relationships.
Human chemistry isn't an exact science and ultimately they will be the ones dealing with the consequences of the choices they make.

lisbon, wedding, bollywood Canadian S*
I hung out with Canadian S* and her sister in the early stages of my Lisboa experience. On their final night we hit the Docas party district where we were joined by an Australian ladyfriend they had traveled with after meeting in Sevilla. When I had met S* she mentioned befriending a server in a restaurant she had been frequenting, he also joined us. Mistakenly expecting a Portugese fellow I found the "friend" was actually a fellow Indian making a life in Portugal, the two were inseparable that evening,

We partied the night away, the Gentleman later joining us in our hostel. We all exchanged details, life went on. Months later via online chat, S* inquired about her companion in Portugal as I remained in Lisboa for a few weeks after they had departed. When I asked why, she explained that she had been "thinking about him and was pondering a return". I had nothing to report and gave her my best wishes but quietly thought it was impulsive and admirable.

Months later my Facebook news stream presented photos of their colourful wedding in Lisbon.

martin vunk, estonia football
Turkish H*
I rallied the 2 other guests staying in my Tartu Hostel for an evening of quiet drinks around town, the charming and down-to-earth Turkish H* being one of them. The perfunctory question "What brings you here?" was trotted out, it was quickly apparent she didn't have a typical story.

Month earlier the Estonian Football team were present at an Istanbul Hotel where she was performing some traditional music with her band. The team had been in Turkey playing an exhibition football match, H* spotted Estonian Midfielder Martin Vunk from across the room and fell in love.

Her infatuation brought her to Tartu, where Vunk had grown up and presumably "walked the very same streets". She had been in the Capital of Tallinn days earlier, waiting outside the Football grounds in freezing temperatures hoping to connect with him. She never got to meet Martin but was able to hand-deliver a letter via one of his teammates. She didn't get a response (yet).

beer googles, germany, drunkDrunken German
I was in the company of two students from America and Germany, they were visiting from Finland where they were studying. We were in the common room of our Tallinn hostel in deep conversation. It was approaching dawn when a drunk German (1 of a group of 12) joined us after a big night on the town:
Me: How was your night dude?
DG: I was talking to this girl...
Me: Cool!
DG: I have a girlfriend though, I've been with her for a year. I've never had a girlfriend for this long before. I've had 41 girlfriends and they've never lasted more than a week or a few nights...
Me: Oh!

DG: I was talking to this girl for 2 hours. We were getting along real well. I could talk to her so easily like I can when I'm with my girlfriend.

My friends were trying to separate us because they said she was ugly.
(crosstalk by the girls)
I'm really drunk!
I told her that if this is really true love then we should spend the night together - but y'know - no sex.

Me: W-w-wait, who mentioned the "true love" part. You or her?!
DG: Umm... I did. (pause) Yeeah you're right. It is kinda gay!
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