Jun 11, 2011

Portugal: EAT, pray, love - Fine Food with Friends

Boa Sorte to kick off my time in Portugal but lately muito azar. Misadventure aside, amazing hospitality has been shown to me by way of food and friends. Hostel buddies have graciously treated me to gourmet burgers and I've been welcomed into homes by small town locals. Portugal has blessed me with fine dining and great friends.

EAT: Fine Food with Friends in Portugal

coimbra, sandwich, park
Our Cook's Kitchen stash at Coimbra
obidos, night, sandwich
Night Cooking by the Castle walls
Roadtripping with a seasoned traveller and handy cook. I had the pleasure of eating hearty meals from Sandwiches to Stew, cutely prepared on some spectacular places and overlooks.


sintra, baptism, lunch
Garden Buffet
sintra, baptism, lunch, garden
Impromptu Baptism Lunch invite 
I returned to visit the friendly caretaker of a tranquil hostel in Sintra, I had stayed a night there the fortnight previous. He wasn't present but inexplicably his colleague invited us to join the baptism lunch taking place in the Garden. He said we could help ourselves to some roasted pig, cerveja and dessert. Strangers are friends in Portugal.


obidos, restaurant, hospitality
Chats outside the Obidos restaurant
obidos, 200, port, open
Opening a 200 year old Bottle of Port
We hung with kids at their restaurant on a quiet Sunday night in Obidos. Whilst at the Post Office steps hours later using wi-fi to stream the NBA playoffs, they invited us to join them for a drink. The bars were closed (2am), so we were welcomed into their casa. We were treated to Ginginha and Wine, humbly the occasion also inspired our host to pop open his 200yr old Bottle of Port. Portugese hospitality.


jardim, hush, lisboa, jantar
Photos courtesy of Hush - Hush Garden

After reading about 'Supper Clubs (Underground Restaurants)' in local street press then finding a roommate who had recently enjoyed it. I resolved to cap off my time in Lisboa in such fashion. Unfortunately timing was not on my side but the mantra of 'o mundo gira' (the world spins) reliably delivered and upon my unscheduled return to Lisboa I had the chance to experience it for myself second time around. Stunning garden ambiente, memorable cuisine, company and conversation. A fitting end to my time in one of the great cities of the world.

- My Hush Hush experience featured in the media here

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Have you ever been to a Supper Club? Have you ever been treated to wonderful food and hospitality from strangers?

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