Jul 10, 2013

A question answered with a quote: Chile edition

I'm delighted to continue a tradition I began on my European Adventure, collecting quotes from people in my travels. As I did then I'll be attaching trigger pictures associated with the moment and person attributed to the notable phrase. I hope by the end of my trip these will largely be collected through Spanish conversation. In these early stages my interactions have mostly been with other travelers as I'm limited by English.

I also hoped to record some of my conversations for my 'LGR Podcast' but an organic opportunity has yet to present itself. For some reason I'm picturing Mountaintop chats after a nice hike but Chile has been a little too cold and rainy for that in the early going. I remain optimistic.

Mi primera compilación de citas en América del Sur. With that I present my first compilation of quotations for South America: Chile Edition.

Its lost in translation but there is a big difference between "want" and "need"
If you regret not doing it because I told you not to, I wouldn't accept the blame.
You can't regret what you don't see
"Que no panda el cúnico"
(Spanish: Let no panic emerge)
"Tienes una piedra en el zapato"
(Spanish: You have a stone in your shoe = You're compelled to)
I'd heard my friend's voice for 3 months,
then all of a sudden one day - I understood him
At a certain age you need discipline
For some people, having an uncluttered house is the least of their priorities
He's more of a concept than a person
The beauty isn't in the fame, its in the process of creation
Learning another language isn't just about replacing words,
its another way of looking at the world.
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